Sound Advice on choosing a contractor

  • First, ask neighbours and friends about their building or renovation experiences. 
  • Request customer referrals from perspective contractors. Ask the former clients specific questions about their projects i.e. timeliness, budget, communication. 
  • Interview only reputable, experienced contractors. Inquire about their insurance and WCB coverage.
  • View their website photos. Take a look at the scope of projects undertaken. Do you like what you see?
  • Look for sincerity, open communication, and a willingness to thoroughly address all your questions. You also want to feel a sense of compatibility and trust so you will be comfortable with your choice of contractors.
  • Meet the proposed onsite supervisor of your project too.
  • Then, rely upon the reputation of the company you've selected and the character and good will of the individuals who represent it.
  • Open, thorough communication with your contractor is your best insurance for a well-managed project.

What you can expect from your Contractor

  • The main thing you should expect from your contractor is professionalism. Its important to examine your contract. What type of contract does your contractor use? Can you look at an example of a contract or a template before you make a commitment?
  • You should also expect transparency. How transparent is your contractor when it comes to budgeting and billing? Do they follow a budgeting program?
  • Finally, your contractor should be willing to provide one on one contract as necessary from concept to completion.