J Toelle was the general contractor for our new house at Heriot Bay on Quadra island. This was an exceedingly complicated construction project with a very demanding architect (PatKau Architects, from Vancouver), and a level of finish and detail required that would have been beyond the capability and patience of almost any contractor. The J Toelle crew responded magnificently, displaying a level of craftsmanship that was in every way the equal of the design and engineering components of this great project. 

J Toelle was also truly our partner on our mission to turn an unsuccessful fishing lodge at Hakai on the BC Central Coast into a world class research facility. This project is in its fourth year, and Toelle has been with us every step of the way. Typically we've given them broad latitude to come up with the concepts for creative renovation and new structures. We have been consistently thrilled with the results.        

- Eric Peterson, Founder & President Tula Foundation / www.tula.org / Quadra Island, BC & Hakai Beach Institute / www.hakai.org / Calvert Island, BC

In 2009, we decided to build our dream house on Quadra -- from 1,000 miles away in California. Our friends called us crazy, but they didn't know we had John Toelle Construction on our side. Impeccable workmanship, invaluable expertise and amazing personalized attention from our foreman Matt Griswold made our dream come true. Our home is beautiful, tight as a drum, not a single issue. We've recommend JTC to friends and neighbours with complete confidence -- and pride.        

Ed & Jenny Ball

We watched our home being built from the ground up and were impressed with the expertise that was shown in all levels of construction, right through to the finish, with fine craftsmanship and attention to detail. We now have a beautiful finished product; a home that we love. Lead carpenter and site supervisor, Marshall Toelle was easy to work with, knowledgeable and accessible. He was open to communication during all levels of construction. His crew were experienced, efficient and local. We couldn't have asked for more.

- Mike and Linda McCluskey, Topcliff Road, Quadra Island, BC